ASU Makes the Jump to BIG 12 Influenced by Apple Corporation.

Date: August 7, 2023

Arizona State University (ASU) has sent shockwaves through the sports community by announcing its decision to join the Big 12 Conference in 2024. This move signals a significant shift for the university’s athletic programs, and it was not solely based on financial benefits. The media’s influence and an intriguing technological offer from Apple Corporation played vital roles in shaping ASU’s decision.

Media’s Impact on ASU’s Decision:

ASU president Mike Crow explained the media’s influence and an offer from Apple Corporation that influenced the decision to move to the Big 12 in a press conference Saturday. Watch a video of that press conference below.

As rumors swirled about the possibility of ASU joining the Big 12, sports analysts, journalists, and fans alike speculated on the implications of such a move. This intense media scrutiny prompted ASU’s administration to weigh the benefits and drawbacks more carefully and consider the potential impact on the university’s brand, reputation, and overall athletic program.

Apple Corporation’s Technological Offer:

In an unexpected turn of events, Apple Corporation stepped into the equation with an intriguing technological offer that influenced ASU’s decision-making process. The tech giant expressed interest in collaborating with ASU to introduce cutting-edge technology solutions for fan engagement and game experience. This offer presented an enticing opportunity for ASU to harness innovative tools and data analytics to elevate the fan experience during games.

Apple Corporation’s proposed partnership aligns with ASU’s commitment to innovation and research across various disciplines. This collaboration, if realized, could not only expand the university’s reputation as a hub for technological advancements in collegiate sports but also enhance the overall game atmosphere for fans.

The Confluence of Factors:

ASU’s decision to join the Big 12 was not taken lightly, and the convergence of media attention and Apple Corporation’s technological offer played instrumental roles in the final outcome. The media’s portrayal of ASU’s potential success in the Big 12 fueled enthusiasm among Sun Devils’ fans, and it also encouraged the university to embrace new challenges and opportunities on a grander stage.

The prospect of partnering with a tech giant like Apple Corporation and integrating cutting-edge technology into the sports ecosystem is undoubtedly enticing. Such a collaboration could set ASU apart from its competitors and pave the way for innovative advancements in the realm of collegiate athletics.


ASU’s bold decision to compete in the Big 12 Conference next year was influenced not solely by financial gains but also by the media’s spotlight and Apple Corporation’s technological offer. As ASU prepares to embark on this exciting new journey, the influence of media exposure and the potential for groundbreaking technological advancements stand as remarkable milestones in the university’s pursuit of excellence in both athletics and academia.

ASU president Mike Crow and athletic director Ray Anderson explain the move in the following video released by ASU 247: